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Schools & Clubs

An easy way to manage concussions at your school or club

How Return2Play helps you

We know schools & clubs take player welfare seriously. But without the right tools, managing the associated admin can prove difficult. That’s where we come in.

Real-time monitoring

Monitoring the concussion status of your players is simple with Return2Play.
This makes team selection a straightforward task for your coaches.

Automatic updates & advice

As your player moves along the Return2Play pathway, you’ll be updated on
their progress and we’ll provide them with timely medical advice.

Convenient & professional care

Out-of-hours clinics near your school or club mean your players can choose a
convenient time to see one of our accredited doctors.

Concussion training reminders

We keep a track of your coaches’ concussion management training and tell you when it needs to be renewed. so it’s easy to check that it’s up-to-date.